This is not the kind of love
I dreamed of as a girl,
This ordinary, everyday,
Constant sort of love.
There are no daily diamonds or champagne,
No twenty-four red rose bouquets.
This love runs through little seams,
Folding clothes and sweeping floors.
Passion in a thousand tender acts.
- author unknown

This poem hangs (or used to hang) on the wall of a hotel hallway in Killarney, Ireland. It stopped us in our tracks almost a decade ago. To this day we still haven't discovered who wrote those words but they were so perfectly "us" that I've carried them with me ever since. This year has been harder than most yet it feels as though we have more to celebrate. The trials seem to make the triumphs all the sweeter, don't you think?

Seven years and counting, my love. They said we were too young. My cup runneth over.


Gather // Gifts for the home

a woodland candle // for breathing in the forest, even when you're miles away
sweet sheets // to snuggle and stretch upon
a one-of-a-kind weaving // for something extra special
minimalist vases // to make your flowers shine
a holiday box // for when you're not sure what to buy (but it must be beautiful)
YEAH print // to make them smile
a simple seagrass basket // for sprucing up the indoor greenery
lovely linen towels // to enjoy a little rustic luxury
mortar and pestle // for culinary escapades.


Gather // Gifts for him

gaming gift cards // for building cities, amassing armies and getting shouted at by 12 year olds
a fun t-shirt // to make him (and those in the know) smile
a sleek travel mug // for saving the world and looking good doing it
checkerboard vans // to keep him young at heart
a super cool gadget // for a bit of 007 in his life
a manly desk decoration // to bring a bit of green into his work space
the perfect backpack // for carrying bits and bobs and saving his poor pockets
a half gallon of maple syrup // to go with the pancakes he makes so well
really really good coffee // for starting the morning just right.


Head + Heart

Head & Heart, "a monthly capture of my feelings and doings, in the raw" was created by the wonderful Helen of Helarious. Helen asks fellow bloggers to join her in sharing a snapshot of life over the last month.


They say time heals all wounds and I think "they" are on to something. After my breakdown earlier this year I have slowly been putting myself back together, trying to figure out which bits go where and which pieces can be left by the wayside. More than the doctors, the books and the endless "exercises", it has simply been time that has helped the most. Last month started off with a big commitment, a weekend spent hosting friends and playing tour guide as part of a major tourism campaign. I held it together, barely, then I crashed, hard, once it was all over. The rest of the month was spent taking things very slowly, carefully guarding that precious time needed to rebuild. For that, I am so incredibly grateful.


It is actually laughable to think that my original intention was for this little space to be a food blog. While I certainly enjoy cooking (and eating) it turns out that I actually really don't enjoy food blogging. It also stresses me out a lot. So the odd recipe may still pop up from time to time and we'll always have Insta-brunch but I am calling it quits on the whole food blog idea. So what am I? What is this blog even about then? If you follow along on Instagram, the direction that we, the blog and I, are taking is fairly obvious, even though it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. There isn't much else in the world that makes me happier than being surrounded by flowers, plants and trees, so let's head down the garden path together and see what we shall see...


Direction (see above)! Finally!! Huzzah!!! My mind has been racing late into the night with so many new ideas and a new blog series that I am particularly excited about because I want you to be a part of it! Yes, you, sitting/standing there scrolling down the page! More on that later in the week! (The amount of exclamation marks used in this paragraph should be a sufficient indication as to my current levels of excitement surrounding this topic.) (!!!!!!!)

Um... Christmas. I know I said that last month but my excitement has grown exponentially because now it is deemed acceptable! The tree is trimmed, the halls are decked and I've even started putting together a few gift guides here on the blog.

Rain. Glorious, wonderous, plentiful rain.


Eating sweet things with lovely ladies. Brunching with Megan and attending my first "cakeup" with Zoe.
Learning to say "no" and to deal with the guilt that inevitably follows.
Listening to all the Christmas music, all the time! I'm not discriminatory either. The Rat Pack, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Wham!, The Darkness, She & Him, the list goes on...
Watching Guardians of the Galaxy (which opens with a brilliant Chris Pratt dance scene) and The Fall (which is making me incredibly homesick for Belfast, even though the series is about a creepy serial killer).


I have been spending delicious little pockets of time with with the lovely Nigel Slater in his rather-too-heavy-to-read-in-bed The Kitchen Diaries II. The writing is, as expected, utterly wonderful.


Just the necessities: food, wine and flowers :)


Click over to read what Helen wrote this month and see who else is participating. Thanks for reading and do feel free to join in!